CNY Gift Set

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  • Sincerity Filled To The Brim

    Just like you, we produce goods from the heart. Guaranteed fresh, taste our sincerity via our paste and filling! 

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  • Spread The Love

    True love is putting fresh and flavourful spread on baked goods. There’s nothing more satisfying than the first bite!

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  • Tea Time, Best Time

    Recharge yourself! There’s never a bad time for a short break – especially when delicious beverages are involved.

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  • We Love Convenience

    Shop simple and hassle-free premix recipes that are equally delicious. So good, no one will know it came out of a box! 

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  • Goods

    All goods are diligently and carefully packed

  • Delivery

    Delivery within 5 – 7 working days

  • Support

    Need help? WhatsApp our customer service at +6012 387 0779 for any enquiries!

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